A summary of my long-form writing projects.


Always Another Country

Always Another Country: A memoir of Exile and Home, was published by Text in Australia in August 2018 and by World Editions in the US and the UK in September 2018, following it's 2017 release in South Africa. 

"Eloquent and affecting, Msimang's book explores the nature of belonging as it chronicles a perpetual outsider's quest for the meaning of home. A candidly intimate tale of a journey toward self-identity."  - Kirkus

‘Few of us have felt the grinding force of history as consciously or as constantly as Sisonke Msimang. Her story is a timely insight into a life in which the gap between the great world and the private realm is vanishingly narrow and it bears hard lessons about how fragile our hopes and dreams can be.’ - Tim Winton

"Sisonke Msimang’s Always Another Country(Jonathan Ball) is my favourite kind of memoir, so lyrical and dreamlike that it reads like a novel. It’s an artful meditation on exile and return, womanhood and motherhood unfolding against the backdrop of post-apartheid South African politics." - Taiye Selasi, author of Ghana Must Go. 

Published by Text Publishing
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The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela: A biography of survival

The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela charts the rise and fall—and rise, again—of a woman who battled the apartheid regime with uncommon ferocity. Sisonke Msimang argues that Winnie Mandela’s involvement in violence was a function of her political views rather than a descent into madness, that she was a warrior, not a witch, and that like many men involved in revolution, she fought fire with fire.  But Ma Winnie’s heroism was complicated, and her violence compromised her. In telling Ma Winnie’s story, Sisonke Msimang demonstrates the troubling relationship between reclaiming the life of an icon and the work that has yet to be done to honour apartheid’s victims – those who were collateral damage and whose stories have yet to be told.